U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center webinar: Impacts of incomplete milking on mammary gland transcriptome profile – Aug. 18

The impact of incomplete milking on mammary gland transcriptome changes under 3× milking frequency

Dr. Wenli Li
Research Animal Geneticist
Wednesday, Aug. 18th at 3 p.m.

Connection details:
646-828-7666; ID: 161 4139 6271

Abstract: Increased milking frequency (3x vs. 2x per day) and incomplete milking (IM) have differential effects on milk yield and mammary gland physiology. In our previous work, we have demonstrated that cows milked 3x tended to have increased milk production rate (MPR) and significantly increased milk fat percent compared with the cows milked 2x daily. Additionally, IM has significantly negative impacts on milk production (70% vs. 100% milking). However, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain uncharacterized. Our main objective is to study the impacts of IM on the mammary gland transcriptome profile in cows milked 3x daily and build on what we have learned about CM and IM at 2x milking.