Disruptive grading implementation for Spring 2021

This message was sent to CALS department chairs on 4/15/21.

Dear Dept. Chairs,

I wanted to be sure you were all aware of the message from the provost last week about the decision to implement a disruption grading option for spring 2021 courses. The implementation will be very similar to how this option was used last spring. I will summarize a few key points here, and please see the FAQ for further explanations. Additionally, the Office of Undergraduate Advising will be hosting an event for advisors focused on helping advisors address various student questions (expected to be April 27, more information to come).

  1. Instructors should give letter grades to students as usual.
  2. After grades are posted, students may opt to replace their letter grades with SD (satisfactory, disruption) or UD (University disruption, no credit).  For undergraduate students, A-C will convert to SD, D-F will convert to UD; for graduate students, A-B will convert to SD, C-F will convert to UD.  See here for more details on the process and timing.
  3. SD and UD grades will not contribute to GPA calculations and no negative academic actions will be taken as a result of this semester.
  4. A grade of SD will fulfill all requirements, including university, college and major requirements.

I am happy to answer further questions as they arise.

Karen Wassarman
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences