Department of Soil Science offers new MS in environmental remediation and management

The Department of Soil Science is excited to announce the launch of a new professional master’s degree in environmental remediation and management starting in September 2021. The program prepares students to investigate, assess, and remediate contaminated sites.

Besides protecting and improving environmental conditions, there are other benefits to cleaning up and reinvesting in environmentally contaminated properties such as increased local tax bases, job growth, and reduced development pressure on undeveloped land. These activities include large industrial sites or hazardous waste dumps.

The program is an accelerated, 30-credit, on-campus offering that can be completed in 12 months (fall, spring, and summer). The diverse curriculum provides advanced technical knowledge and field experience, and develops scientific communication and project management skills to prepare students for careers in the consulting, industrial, and regulatory sectors.

Please visit the environmental remediation & management website to learn more.