Read the Spring 2021 Issue of Grow Magazine

The spring 2021 issue of Grow magazine is starting to find its way into mailboxes, but you can also read it online. Feature stories include:

  • A Cold, Hard Look at Macromolecules
    Cryo-EM, an advanced microscopy technique that utilizes extremely cold temperatures and electron beams to illuminate the structures of some of the tiniest building blocks of life, has come to UW.
  • New Frontiers of Potato Tech
    Potatoes, often touted as a superfood, have untapped potential for the U.S. and beyond, so CALS scientists are working hard to find better ways to grow and breed them.
  • The Answers Await on the Ocean Floor
    And the ocean floor is where you’ll find Karthik Anantharaman as he deciphers the mysteries of a biological process with potent ecological and medical ramifications.

Other topics:  tardigrades (aka water bears), an entrepreneurial undergrad, wild animals eating human food, treating high blood pressure with cheese, furan fatty acids and biofuels, six-legged livestock, the untold story of Black farmers, new global health major, and more.

And don’t forget the Final Exam. Can you ace the test for a chance to win a box of cheese from Babcock Hall? Good luck!

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