FEWscapes: New project to expand horizons for food, energy, water, and ecosystem security

FEWscapes is a research and engagement project that aims to advance knowledge and support decision-making for food, energy, water, and ecosystem security in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. It combines ecosystem and economic modeling, policy and social research, and co-learning with stakeholders to discover new insights that can inform decisions for a desirable future with resilient food, energy, water, and natural systems.

The five-year project is led by a diverse team of researchers and extension specialists from UW­–Madison, including several from CALS, and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

CALS faculty and staff include lead principal investigator Chris Kucharik and research scientist Eric Booth, both in the department of agronomy, who are involved in the project’s modeling component. Adena Rissman of forest and wildlife ecology is leading the policy and social research. Rebecca Power and Jenny Seifert of Extension’s Natural Resources Institute, which is also part of CALS, are leading the project’s stakeholder engagement.

Learn more about FEWscapes on the project’s new website and read this blog post on reasons to get curious with them over the next few years.