eCALS quiz prize winner announced

Thank you to the 10 people who successfully completed the first eCALS quiz! The following nine people answered every question correctly:

  • Amy Betzelberger
  • Ambar Carvallo
  • Christy Davidson
  • Erica Flyte
  • Nik Hawkins
  • Malliga Somasundaram
  • Kari Straus
  • Laura Tollefson
  • Doug Wiedenbeck

Malliga Somasundaram is our lucky random winner who will receive a CALS prize. Congratulations!

The correct quiz answers are:

  1. What department did new CALS faculty member David Hersey join? Bacteriology
  2. What is the name of the graduate student that Teri Allendorf is working with at the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary in Malaysia? Olivia Cosby
  3. Which Agricultural Research Station received a Platinum Award from the NMC National Dairy Quality Award program? Marshfield
  4. What insect does new CALS faculty member James Crall study? Bees