CALS departments and units receive Extension budget instructions

Following budget discussions with leadership at the Division of Extension, Dean Kate VandenBosch recently informed Extension-funded departments and units of their Extension budget reduction targets. These fund 104 reductions are separate from the UW-Madison fund 101 reductions, which were shared with CALS units in January.

In the current year, FY21, CALS received $6.5 million in funding from Extension. That is expected to dip to $6.2 million in FY22 due to COVID budget reduction directives from UW System and UW-Madison to the Division of Extension. This also reflects the current expectation that salary increases on fund 104 are expected to be covered by the current CALS 104 base allocation. These reductions and additional expenses will be covered by salary savings accrued due to attrition of Extension-funded positions that occurred in FY21 and by vacancies that have been held open this year. As a result, the only new adjustments to departmental 104 funding for FY22 are related to formulaic changes to SS&E allocations.

CALS continues to normalize the Extension support, supplies, and expenses (SS&E) budgets across departments. The FY22 adjustment to departmental SS&E budgets will bring CALS into closer alignment with other units in the Division of Extension and provide equity across CALS departments and programs.

The Extension 104 budget allocation for SS&E for FY22 is calculated using the same method for all departments as $18,000 per the retrospective three-year average (FY21, FY20, FY19) of Extension programming FTEs funded in the  department.

Extension provides these funds to support salaries for 1) departmental office staff to administer Extension activities and 2) for supplies and expenses to support departmental Extension activities. These expenses include travel by CALS specialists to support county Extension programming. As a guideline, approximately two-thirds of the SS&E budget should be used for departmental staff salaries and about one-third for supplies and Extension-related travel. For example, for a specialist with a 60% Extension appointment, the annual supplies and travel budget is about $3,600. Extension funds used to support departmental office staff should be aligned with their percentage of effort in supporting Extension-funded faculty and staff.