Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology calls for art submissions

Our community is seeking to display artwork that represents forests and wildlife, the ecosystems that support them, and the people who benefit, use, and connect with them. We are looking for art that inspires, informs, welcomes, challenges, and sparks curiosity. We are interested in increasing the representation of diverse species, ecosystems, and people in our halls in Russell Laboratories at 1630 Linden Drive. Artwork submissions are due March 1, 2021.

All artists selected to display a piece in the building will be entered into a lottery for three $250 prizes.

Please complete this online submission form to share with us:

  • Images of up to 6 works of art
  • A list of artwork with a brief description of each piece that provides information about the species, ecosystems, and humans it depicts
  • An artist bio that can be displayed along with the work and email address, webpage, and social media accounts

The exhibition will highlight original fine art such as photographs, paintings, drawings, textiles, collage, or graphic design digital art. There is some space for woodworking, sculptural work, and video displays. We also plan to create a virtual gallery on our Departmental webpage.

The departmental Art Crew, a team of at least four graduate and undergraduate students along with staff and faculty, will serve as the jury in selecting the artwork to be displayed. Artwork by Forest and Wildlife Ecology students, staff, faculty and alumni will be given some selection priority, though we are excited to receive submissions from all artists inspired by forests and wildlife.

We expect to display artwork through Spring 2022 or beyond. Artists can indicate what will happen to the artwork after the exhibition (return to artist, donate to the Department to permanently display, or sell with proceeds benefiting the artist or student organizations).

We welcome submissions from diverse artists and community members, in recognition of the unique contributions of each person and the profound ways their identity, culture, experience, abilities and opinions enrich the university community.

All art will be exhibited in the hallways and public spaces of Russell Labs. Pieces can arrive wall-ready or we can frame them upon delivery by our Department. The building is open and there is no security system present for the selected works, though the building does not present a clear danger to the proposed works of art. Artists absorb all risk to the exhibited artwork. Artists may display prints rather than original paintings.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your art!

If you have any problems completing the survey, please email Adena Rissman at

–The Forest and Wildlife Ecology Art Crew: Adena Rissman, Jamie Nack, Tierney Bocsi, Jennifer Merems, Nishan Mahdasian, and Jon Pauli