CALS Wellness Committee tip: Find ways to connect

2020 was an unprecedented year.  As we head into 2021, we can find ways to get creative and socialize virtually or socially distanced, to be able to connect with loved ones and continue to feed our social wellness. Social connection is a vital aspect of our well-being and as humans, we thrive in a sense of community. While we may be more physically apart, we can use resources around us to still feel connected to one another.

    • Take a virtual RecWell group exercise class, or try a new  recipe with a loved one on Facetime or Zoom.
    • If you need someone to talk to, Employee Assistance provides no cost confidential counseling and referral.
    • The Office of Child Care and Family Resources provides one-on-one virtual consultations with Dr. Laura Froyen in addition to many other resources to support your family during this time.
    • LifeMatters, a free resource to UW-Madison employees, has COVID specific resources on how to safely celebrate the holidays with friends and family.
    • The Center for Healthy Minds offers a free guided meditation on appreciating friends and loved ones.
    • Check out the sessions from CommUNITY Well-being Month, which was held online in October.  Virtual resources, recorded talks, and live sessions continue to be available on the event interactive calendar.

Note: This eCALS post is a modified version of an article that was originally distributed through the December 2020 Badger Well-being Champion Connection.