FY21 one-time budget reductions for CALS departments and centers

In her Oct. 26, 2020 message to campus, Chancellor Blank detailed UW-Madison’s current budget situation, estimating an overall institutional impact of $320 million in combined lower revenue and increased costs due to the pandemic. This shortfall covers the period from March of 2020 through the end of this fiscal year (June, 2021).

In an e-mail on Nov. 16, 2020, Dean Kate VandenBosch informed CALS faculty and staff of the college’s budget assignments from campus leaders. There are two fund 101 reductions that need to be addressed. A one-time cut taken during our current fiscal year, which is the focus of this eCALS post. There will also be a base budget reduction beginning with FY22. Both will be taken from 101 funds. Reductions to CALS 104 funding through the Division of Extension are also expected and will follow a separate process.

The total one-time cut to CALS in the current fiscal year is $2.06 million. Although departments and centers account for 75% of the overall CALS 101 budget, they will be apportioned 50% of this cut. Each department/center’s cut will be based on their current proportion of 101 funding. The additional 50% will come from college-wide services and programs. These targets must be met through 101 salary savings. (101 supply and expense savings cannot be used to meet the reductions.)

Departments and centers with Extension (104) funds are strongly encouraged to minimize further S&E spending on those accounts in anticipation of a substantial reduction to the 104 budget.

There will be more information on the FY22 base reduction and Extension (104) fund reduction in December, and further discussions will take place in early spring semester.

CALS departments and centers should work with Associate Dean Angie Seitler on the one-time reduction plans for their unit.