Single Payroll project update

The Single Payroll project is UW system initiative to standardize the payroll by moving all employees to the current biweekly payroll cycle. In addition, this project will split most benefit deductions evenly over the biweekly paychecks making benefit premiums more predictable and manageable for employees.

In October, information about this project was shared with key stakeholders including leadership, human resources teams, and joint governance. The proposal included a planned implementation date of January 17, 2021. This date was selected because three biweekly pay periods occur in this month. Based on feedback from these groups, President Thompson has approved a final implementation date of July 18, 2021.

The July 2021 implementation date provides additional time for communication, employee education, and preparation to help ease the transition to the new pay schedule and also occurs in a month with three biweekly pay periods.

UW System will provide further on-going communication and education regarding this July 2021 payroll change beginning in the new year.