Bucky’s Varsity Meats is offering three main roast options for the Thanksgiving and winter holidays this year:

Turkeys:  For the first time ever and in partnership with the UW Poultry Club! Available sizes: 10-12 lb, 12-14 lb, 14-16 lb 16-18 lb, 18-20 lb, 20-22 lb, 22-24 lb. 10-12 lb and 12-14 lb, and 22-24 lb will have limited availability.
$2.69 / lb

Prime Rib – Certified Angus Prime Ribs cut to order.
$13.99 / lb, Bone-in
$14.99 / lb, Boneless

Hams – Semi-boneless UW hams processed entirely in-house: These are handcrafted by UW students and smoked to perfection in our brand new smokehouses.
Available as half (6-8lbs) or whole (12-16 lbs)
$4.99 / lb

Find the order form here and return to by Thursday, November 19th for Thanksgiving and Friday, December 18th for the winter holidays. Want to do something different than what you see here? Email us and let’s talk about it.