Varsity Venture Studio: A UW-Madison-WARF-High Alpha Innovation collaboration

Varsity Venture Studio is an exciting new initiative on campus that is open to everyone in the UW-Madison ecosystem. UW-Madison, WARF and High Alpha Innovation are collaborating to bring the venture studio model to our campus in order to turn ideas into funded software businesses.

  • Ideas can come from anywhere on campus
  • Ideas don’t need to be “fully baked” – just throw your idea in the mix
  • Ideas should address a big problem that can be solved by software or an app
  • You don’t have to be a software developer or know how to code
  • No patents or invention disclosure required

Visit the website to learn more, attend office hours, and submit ideas.

Submission Round Deadlines:

Ideas are evaluated as they are received

Round 1 – November 1
Round 2 – November 11
Final – November 25

Questions? Contact Katie Rice at