Last reminder for StayWell $150

These three activities need to be completed by October 9, 2020 to earn your StayWell $150 gift card:

  • Take the 10-minute StayWell health assessment.
  • Complete a well-being activity through StayWell. (Remember: Listening live to Well Wisconsin Radio counts as a well-being activity!)
  • Complete a health check:
    • Health Care Provider Form: Download the fillable form here.
    • Dental cleaning: Complete a routine dental cleaning visit between January 1 and October 9. Report your completion on the My Incentives tab of the portal.
    • One coaching call: Call 800-821-6591 to schedule a call, or schedule a video meeting on or on the My StayWell app. (Note that while online coach chats are available, they won’t count as a health check.)

To start or continue in the process, go to

If you have questions, you may contact the StayWell HelpLine at 800-821-6591 or

If a person does not have access to technology they can call the Helpline at 1-800-821-6591 and request a paper copy of the health assessment which contains directions to send back. They will also need to complete one of the health check options which were expanded due to the pandemic (see above).

They do not need to complete the well-being activity if they requested a paper health assessment. This is waived. They will need to call the Helpline to request or report any of the listed health check activities if they do not have an online account set up.

For those that have ESL, they will need to do the same above steps but will need to request interpreter services when they call the Helpline. They can do the health assessment over the phone with the interpreter instead of asking for a paper copy (there is a Spanish version available).