CALS Wellness Committee tip: Join Well Wisconsin for a real snooze fest

This email was sent from Well Wisconsin on June 25:

Take a moment to dream a little.

Of a life that lets you be the best possible you. You wake up energized each morning. You are using your many talents. You are accomplishing new things. You feel good about yourself, your health and your future.

Our program is designed to help make that dream a reality, and we are throwing a snooze fest to get you on your way! After all, while hard work is important in meeting your future goals—so is the time you spend snuggled under a blanket. Quality sleep is a must for recharging your mind and body. Virtually all of us could benefit from more of it.

Introducing the Sleep Challenge

  • Get seven hours of sleep on 21 nights during the month of July.
  • Learn how to make sleep a priority so you can get more of it.
  • Fulfill the well-being activity portion of your Well Wisconsin incentive.

Is the Sleep Challenge for you? Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I sleep a lot, but I always feel tired anyway.
  • I’m a total insomniac. I’ve tried to sleep better but I can’t.
  • I may not sleep as much as I’d like, but I’m doing OK most days.
  • I sleep pretty well already. I’m not sure I need more.
  • I’m so busy keeping up with my family that I barely have time to sleep.

If you said Yes, then this competition is for you! Learn more here and access the Sleep Challenge by logging into your account.