CALS Equity and Diversity Committee Lunch and Learn events provide educational resources

Although it has been several months since in-person events occurred on campus, the Equity and Diversity Committee (EDC) has resources from their past Lunch and Learn events posted on their committee website.

The committee is planning a new Lunch and Learn event on July 21, with more details to come:

“Allyship: Reflecting on systems and biases” In this short workshop, participants will reflect on the ways that individual, interpersonal and systemic oppressions connect in order to understand the role that individual bias can play. The presentation will end with potential tips and resource for continuing education beyond the workshop setting.

EDC Lunch and Learn free programs began in 2017. The catalog of past events includes presentation slides and other supporting materials, as well as videos for some of the full presentations.

Watch recordings of these presentations:

Digital resources are available for these topics:

  • “Facilitation Domination: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All” (April, 2018)
  • “Bystander, Upstander, Ally, and Accomplice” (Nov., 2017)
  • “Promoting Success for Underrepresented Groups in Undergraduate STEM Courses” (May, 2017)
  • “Mapping Social Identity, Power and Privilege” (April, 2017)

The UW-Madison Office of Learning and Talent Development has a number of other virtual learning opportunities available focused on engagement, inclusion and diversity.