Wellness Committee tip: Explore the “Connect, Learn, and Grow” series

In last week’s eCALS we highlighted three campus mental health and wellness resources. This week we want to focus more on one of those resources: the Connect, Learn, and Grow series. This is a new online series offered by the UW–Madison Office of Professional Development. Each Wednesday a new episode is posted, and the past episodes — six thus far — continue to be available.

Past episodes include:

  1. Unspooling: Finding Balance and Motivation
  2. Mindfulness Practices for Exploring and Nourishing our Connections during Isolation
  3. Meditative Drawing in Challenging Times
  4. How has COVID-19 Changed Career Conversations?
  5. Yogercise @ Home
  6. Rituals of Connection

Please take an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!