Mail deliveries to CALS buildings

This message was sent to CALS building managers, department chairs and department administrators on 3/27/20.

We received direction from campus on how they plan to address mail and package delivery to campus buildings. The critical points to take away from these messages are as follows:

  • If Campus Services arrives at your building and the building is unlocked, they will take mail inside.
  • If the building is locked and there is a phone number to call for access, Campus Services is calling the number, gaining access and taking the mail inside.
  • If the building is locked and there is no phone number, then Inter-D and US Postal Mail is brought back to the office at 45 N. Charter and held for pickup.
    • Mail for locked buildings needs to be scheduled for pick up from the loading dock at 45 N. Charter. Please provide 24-hour notice.
    • Call the dispatcher at 262-1574 when you arrive and someone will meet you at the dock.  Pickups are available between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm.
  • Campus Services does not have the resources to set up individual delivery times to individual buildings unless it is an extraordinarily extenuating circumstance.

See information for MDS and FedEx/UPS deliveriesEach unit will be responsible for making their own arrangements for these deliveries.


Doug Sabatke

Assistant Dean for Facilities, Planning, Health & Safety