Laurie Ballentine, Russell Labs, 2019.

Laurie Ballentine, the Partners in Giving coordinator for Entomology, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Plant Pathology and the Russell Labs Hub, was awarded one of the Partners in Giving Excellence Awards at a ceremony on March 10. Only four recipients among State of Wisconsin and UW were selected.

The following remarks were made of Ballentine at the ceremony:

Laurie Ballentine has been an outstanding ambassador to the Partners in Giving Program for over a decade. Laurie serves her building in many administrative capacities. Laurie has an incredible aptitude for service with an affable demeanor.

For over a decade, Laurie has distributed Partners in Giving literature and been an advocate for enhanced giving through departmental encouragement. Her approach has been to establish a fun, yet impactful competition between the building’s departments.

She reminds coworkers of deadlines in a pleasant and appreciated manner. Laurie is a stellar example of a staff member who has demonstrated excellence in advocating for Partners in Giving contributions. Her team, and the Partners in Giving board, appreciate her immensely!