Peters: Agricultural Research Stations guidance for 2020 research season

The last few weeks certainly have been challenging as we try to navigate through the pandemic and its impacts on the upcoming field research season. I want to reassure CALS faculty and staff that ARS superintendents and staff are busily preparing for growing season 2020. Each of the superintendents have thought through a continuing operations plan and how best to serve principal investigators’ needs during growing season 2020.

Our stations are ready to support research projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The PI has an approved Project Information Request Form (PIRF) on file with ARS and have discussed your project needs with the station superintendent
  • The PI has an approved CALS COVID-19 New/Continuing Research Request on file with CALS Research Division.
  • If needed, researchers have a travel exception request filed and approved by CALS.
  • While on site, research teams strictly observe social distancing best practices. If your research project requires close personal assistance from ARS staff, you must arrange this assistance in advance so proper PPE can be secured and readily available.
  • The PI clearly communicate project needs and when you will be on site at the stations. This will allow us to ensure we have appropriate space for everyone.

The Agriculture Research Stations are excited for the 2020 research season and we stand ready to provide the best services we can. As you are all aware, new information and guidance is issued daily concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. We will amend the above guidance if campus or public health authorities advise. Thank you.


Mike Peters ARS Director