Spring issue of Grow features remarkable women of science

The spring issue of Grow magazine is out in print and live on the web. Feature stories include

  • COVER STORY: ‘The Sweeping Landscape of Her Work’ | These women aren’t household names like so many other CALS scientists of the past. But their accomplishments say they should be. Read more.
  • These Insects Help Us. How Can We Help Them? | For pollinators and pest-eaters in the patchwork habitats of Wisconsin, the answers may lie in land restoration and management. Read more.
  • Research Early, Research Often — and Reap the Benefits | At CALS, undergraduates create new knowledge in the lab and in the field. It might be why they’re so well prepared for the future. Read more.

Other topics:  water filters made from tequila waste, an undergrad’s journey from Vietnam to Wisconsin, the ‘Soil Doctor,’ Native American seed keeping, surprising findings about the war on science, and more.

And don’t forget the Final Exam. Can you ace the test for a chance to win a box of cheese from Babcock Hall? Good luck!