CALS in the News for the Week of November 23 – 29

In the News

Farm troubles raise risk for Trump in trade talks
BBC, 11/23/2019
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability

A Tight Job Market Insulates a Slowing Economy—and Perhaps Trump, Too
Wall Street Journal via MSN, 11/28/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Gary Eibergen, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Your Day-by-Day Guide to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
Consumer Reports via MSN, 11/22/2019
Quoted: Dale Schoeller, Emeritus, Nutritional Sciences

2018 Sees Continued Downward Trend In Babies Born In Wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/27/2019
Quoted: David Egan-Robertson, Community and Environmental Sociology
Mentioned: Applied Population Lab

Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame to induct three in 2020 class
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/23/2019
Mentioned: Stanley Temple, Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: Stephen Born, Emeritus, Planning and Landscape Architecture (formerly Urban and Regional Planning, with CALS appointment)

Wisconsin Farmers Receiving Smaller Portion Of Dollars Spent On Thanksgiving
Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/28/2019
Quoted: Paul Mitchell, Agricultural and Applied Economics

After historically late start, wet fall hinders Wisconsin harvest, sets up potential for spring flooding
Wisconsin State Journal, 11/25/2019
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

UW-Madison student project aims to save food, reduce food insecurity
Quoted: Monica Theis, Food Science

Climate Change Is Making the Future of Cranberry Growing Uncertain
Civil Eats, 11/28/2019
Quoted: Jed Colquhoun, Horticulture

University of Wisconsin departments vote to become new unit
Feedstuffs, 11/25/2019
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Mentioned: Department of Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Department of Dairy Science

Three generations of Fruit family define ‘outstanding’
Agri-View, 11/27/2019
Quoted: Kelly Fruit, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Quoted: Mike Limmix, Alumnus, Dairy Science
Quoted: Dick Cates, Emeritus, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Mentioned: Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers

Thomas’ impact on sheep industry celebrated
Agri-View, 11/29/2019
Quoted: Dave Thomas, Emeritus, Animal Sciences
Quoted: Linda Leake, Alumna, Dairy Science
Quoted: Dan Schaefer, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Yves Berger, Emeritus, Spooner Agricultural Research Station
Mentioned: Bill Wendorf, Emeritus, Food Science
Mentioned: John Jaeggi, Center for Dairy Research
Mentioned: Saddle and Sirloin Club
Mentioned: Spooner Agricultural Research Station
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

AgrAbility’s 2020 goals include new clients, funding
The Country Today, 11/25/2019
Quoted: Amanda Harguth, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: Brian Luck, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: Richard Straub, Biological Systems Engineering

Of Interest

Big Companies Bet On Cleaner Power From Pig Poop Ponds
NPR, 11/22/2019

This Cheese’s Secret Ingredient Comes From Caves on Volcanic Hillsides
Smithsonian, 11/21/2019

Oshkosh boy with XLA saved by father’s research and doctors
Oshkosh Northwestern, 11/27/2019