New offboarding tools now available

As an employee, have you ever struggled keeping track of all the items to take care of before leaving a job? As a manager or supervisor or department administrator, have you ever been challenged ensuring an employee takes all needed actions before departing a role?

We have good news for you because CALS HR has developed a new offboarding toolkit designed to make an employee’s departure smoother!

We’ve created a set of template checklists designed to capture the variety of items needing attention before an employee departs. Checklists exist for the following audiences:

These checklists can be customized to account for department-specific tasks.

We’ve also developed a knowledge transfer template and accompanying project status update that can be used in conjunction with the offboarding checklists to ensure current projects and other relevant information is discussed with a supervisor before an employee departs.

Another item we’ve included in the toolkit is UW-Madison’s Lab Close-Out Checklist which outlines tasks that should be completed prior to the departure of a researcher from the University by cooperation of the researcher and the departmental staff or by the department staff if the researcher is not available.

Lastly, we’ve also updated and improved our resignation acknowledgement letter to provide additional helpful information to a departing employee.

If you have questions on offboarding, please connect with your unit’s HR and/or division HR.