Warning: Fraudulent email regarding direct deposit verification

A fraudulent email was sent out on Nov. 4, appearing to come from the email address. The fraudulent email, shown below, indicates action is required regarding direct deposit and has a false MyUW link. Do NOT click on the link. We do not know how many employees received the email. We are aware of a few employees who did.

No action is required to verify direct deposit account information. Direct deposit information did not change with the new self-service option. Questions can be directed to


ATTN: To All Staff
Due to a recent critical security update, you are required to kindly verify and confirm you payroll direct deposit account information before the next pay date.

To access your payroll account information, please follow these steps:

* Log into MyUW (

* Click on the Employee Self-Service badge.

* Click on “Pay Information” under the Employee Services section.

* Click on “Direct Deposit Allocation” to view and confirm your
current account information or click on “Update Direct Deposit” to
change your allocation.

To ensure full payment, please view and confirm your Direct Deposit account information is correct and up to date before the next pay date. A timely response will help ensure availability of funds at the earliest disbursement date.