CALS Wellness Committee tip: Plan to stay on your feet

Falls can be a real pain, as most of us know, but as we get older falls can be serious.

One of the best ways to reduce falls is to keep your prescription eyeglasses up to date, and make sure you are following your medication routine properly. If you take a lot of medications, ask your doctor to review your medication list with you for fall prevention. Perhaps some medications should not be taken together, or should be taken at bedtime.

The best way to stay safe and on your feet is to live a healthy lifestyle by getting a good night’s sleep, maintaining an exercise schedule, and following a healthy diet. If you struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reach out for help. You can find health tips and coaching at

You have control over your home environment. Be sure to set up your home with plenty of good lighting. Make sure cords and other items are not in pathways. Make sure that carpets do not slide, or slip around when you walk on them. Invest in non-slip pads to keep your carpets in place. Purchase a non-slip mat for your bathtub or shower.

Unfortunately, you don’t have as much control when you are out and about doing your daily errands, but there are some things you can do to lessen the likelihood of a fall. Wear shoes with good traction and support. Be aware of situations such as walking into a building when it is raining. There may a puddle of water just waiting for you on the other side of the door. Take your time, and look ahead on your path.

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