ARS users: Time to sign up for annual WPS field pesticide safety training

It’s time for Agricultural Research Station users to sign up for the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) safety training for field pesticides. A federal regulation requires that all UW faculty, staff, students or LTEs who will be doing field research receive this training once a year.

ARS will offer training classes on the following days:  

  • April 30 – Room 203, Animal Science Building (1675 Observatory Drive)
  • May 15 – Room 201, Dairy Cattle Center (1815 Linden Drive)
  • May 23 – Room 201, Dairy Cattle Center (1815 Linden Drive)
  • May 31 – Room 201, Dairy Cattle Center (1815 Linden Drive)

To register for a session, complete the registration form and submit online at:

Other key points:

  • If you are a certified pesticide applicator, you are exempt from WPS training.
  • If you intend to apply restricted-use pesticides, you must be certified as a pesticide applicator. WPS training is not a substitute for applicator training.
  • These sessions are NOT designed for those who work in the greenhouses. For WPS greenhouse training, contact Lynn Hummel at Walnut Street Greenhouse at
  • If you cannot attend any of the sessions, contact Jeff Breuer at to arrange individual training.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Breuer at 608-846-3761 (ext. 103) or jeff.breuer@wisc.eduFor additional registration information, please contact Jane Cahoon at 608-846-3750 (ext. 3) or