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Invitation for academic staff: Express your interest in serving on governance committees

Each year the Academic Staff Nominating Committee is charged with finding candidates to serve on more than forty academic staff and campus committees. Committees span a variety of interests, including communications, compensation, awards, diversity, student affairs, transportation, athletics, information technology, and many more.

We have recently switched systems for this process, and we are now using the new Committee Tracker to capture committee interests. We were able to enter only some of the data from the Qualtrics Survey that was originally used for this purpose. If you would like to be considered for a committee, you will need to log in and enter your interests. Using the Committee Tracker will also allow you to review and update your committee interests at any time.

If you would like to be considered for current and future committee openings, please complete the Committee Interest Survey by logging into the Committee Tracker at You will need to use your NetID to login. Once you have logged in, the home page will have a link to take the survey, as displayed below.

The survey provides a list of committees and links to more information about those committees, including the current membership. Indicating your interest is not in any way binding. As seats open up on your committees of interest, a member of the Nominating Committee may contact you to further explore your potential participation. Please note that this could take several years depending on the committee openings, committee composition, etc.

Please note that not every committee has openings for new members every year. Regular elections for standing committees of the Academic Staff Assembly take place each spring. Regular appointments to other shared governance committees are also made in the spring.

Committee participation at UW–Madison is a great way for academic staff members to grow personally and professionally, to meet other staff outside their units, to learn more about how things work at UW–Madison, and to have a voice in campus issues. We won’t know of your interest in a committee unless you tell us, so please fill out the survey. If you have any questions about logging into or using the Committee Tracker, please contact Jake Smith ( or Heather Daniels (

Thank you,

Academic Staff Nominating Committee
Dan Barnish, Co-Chair
Karyn Matchey, Co-Chair
Alissa Oleck, Co-Chair
Rebecca Beebe
Jacob Hahn
Josh Hanson
Ben Heidke
Sharon Kahn
Alison Rice