CALS Redesign: Frequently asked question about teaching

At the beginning of the process, we committed to providing answers to frequently asked questions about the redesign on the project page. We have a question to add to the existing list:

How do departments choose between teaching during the school year and teaching during summer or creating a revenue generating program like a professional masters’ or capstone?

This is a false choice. As Wisconsin’s flagship university, teaching undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year is core to our operations. Restated, there is not a choice for departments about teaching during the academic year – it is what the university and its departments are required to do.

Within the process of departments crafting five-year plans, departments can consider either expanding summer teaching, expanding “Advance Your Career” professional post-baccalaureate offerings, or increasing activity in both realms. Other revenue generating activities departments should consider include increased extramural funding or increased private philanthropy.

Summer teaching is an opportunity for us to grow our programs and revenues, but also meet the needs of more students, decrease time to graduation and reach new students, including those from other institutions. Compared to our peers, the University of Wisconsin-Madison hasn’t capitalized on the summer teaching opportunity.

Similarly, creating professional programs that enable people to advance their careers will also generate additional revenue.

In both of these cases, the revenue generated will support that home department.