CALS in the News for the Week of September 29 – October 5

In the News

Birds in Minnesota keep crashing into things and police think it’s because they’re drunk
CNN, 10/4/2018
Quoted: Anna Pidgeon, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Ants Evolved With Bacteria To Protect Their Farms From Pathogen, Research Shows
Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/4/2018
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology

UW-Madison could be instrumental in changing how corn is grown, 10/3/2018
Quoted: Jean-Michel Ane, Bacteriology
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Clasen’s European Bakery, Capital Brewery team up to offer new menu items made from spent grain
Channel, 10/1/2018
Quoted: Monica Theis, Food Science

Struggling dairy industry can learn from how the World Dairy Expo makes it looks so good
Wisconsin State Journal, 9/30/2018
Quoted: Dan Basse, Alumnus, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Dairy Science

Citizen Scientists Help Answer Ecological Questions
Wisconsin Life, 9/4/2018
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

Academics Offer Advice to Add Impact to Climate Change Reporting
Crain’s NewsPro, Page 23, 10/1/2018
Quoted: Bret Shaw, Life Sciences Communication

Magical microbe: A wild yeast sourced from Wisconsin is ushering in a whole new class of beers
Isthmus, 10/4/2018
Quoted: Chris Hittinger, Genetics
Quoted: Monica Theis, Food Science
Quoted: Nick Smith, Food Science
Mentioned: Campus Craft Brewery

UW’s most interesting Twitter accounts you need to follow
University Communications, 10/3/2018
Mentioned: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: PJ Liesch, Entomology
Mentioned: Ahna Skop, Genetics
Mentioned: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

ASM approves new window signage bylaw, Babcock legislation put on ice
The Badger Herald, 10/3/2018
Mentioned: Babcock Dairy Plant

National coverage of ice cream debate misses the bigger picture, students say
The Daily Cardinal, 10/3/2018
Quoted: Bill Klein, Food Science
Quoted: Scott Rankin, Food Science
Mentioned: Babcock Hall Dairy Plant

Ask the Food Doc: Why is Wisconsin’s ice cream better than NU’s?
Lincoln Journal Star, 10/2/2018
Mentioned: Babcock ice cream

New Farm Bill Could Offer 4:1 Return for Dairy Farmers
Dairy Herd Management,10/3/2018
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Pest Management Meetings Set
Wisconsin Farm Report, 9/28/2018
Quoted: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Mark Renz, Agronomy
Mentioned: Rodrigo Werle, Agronomy
Mentioned: Bryan Jensen, Entomology
Mentioned: Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

Cates reflects on farmer school
Agri-View, 10/2/2018
Quoted: Dick Cates, Emeritus, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Mentioned: Nadia Alber, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Mentioned: Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers
Mentioned: Farm and Industry Short Course