Wellness message from Kate VandenBosch and CALS Wellness Committee

The following is a message from Dean Kate VandenBosch and the CALS Wellness Committee: 


The start of the new academic year is a good time to remember that wellness is an important factor in making our CALS community the best it can be—and that the CALS Wellness Committee is here to help you pursue your wellness goals.

The CALS Wellness Committee, founded in 2015, seeks to provide education and opportunities that support the health and well-being of the entire CALS community. The committee is actively involved in a campus-wide collaboration—along with UW–Madison campus wellness leaders, UWell, Well Wisconsin Staywell, Workplace Wellness Community of Practice, and UWHealthWellness@work—to explore new and innovative ways to connect employees with a variety of wellness resources and programs at no or low cost to UW employees.

Information about new programs—as well as other wellness-related information, resources, ideas and events—are shared via the college’s weekly eCALS newsletter, so be sure to check eCALS for upcoming opportunities to participate in wellness activities and otherwise get involved.

Because wellness can mean different things to different people, the CALS Wellness Committee seeks to provide resources and programing across seven dimensions of wellness: physical, career/academic, emotional, financial, social/cultural, spiritual and environment. More information about the seven dimensions of wellness can be found in this wheel of wellness poster.

The CALS Wellness Committee is composed of volunteers from around CALS. If you want to join the committee, help coordinate an event, or have an idea for the committee, please reach out to Committee Chair Kristin Carroll or 262-1874. More information about the committee is available online at:

Together we can build a strong culture of wellness in CALS.


Kate VandenBosch, Dean

CALS Wellness Committee members:
Kristin Carroll, Human Resources (committee chair)
Krista DeJoode, Dairy Science
Phil Dunigan, Agricultural Research Stations
Devika Suri, Nutritional Sciences
Victoria Szewczyk, Business Services
Kelly Tomko-Ewing, Arlington Agricultural Research Station