University Roundtable fall line-up includes David Drake

This fall, the University Roundtable series will feature talks by Susan Robinson, professor of journalism and mass communication; Amy Gilman, director of the Chazen Art Museum; and David Drake, professor of forest and wildlife ecology. Details of their talks are below.

All programs will be held in Varsity Hall at Union South. Each luncheon begins at 11:45 am and ends by 1:00 pm. The cost for each lunch is $12. Further information can be found at

Wednesday, October 10
Sue Robinson
Networked News, Racial Divides: How Power & Privilege Shape Public Discourse in Progressive Communities

Why do progressive communities have such a hard time talking about race? In this discussion, Dr. Sue Robinson, Helen Firstbrook Franklin Professor of Journalism, will explore the obstacles to public discourse about racial inequalities and also review some recommendations for how to go about building trust in today’s multi-cultural, digitized world. She’ll frame out how our local communities’ information streams are being reconstituted by digital platforms like Facebook and all of the new actors in that content production, noting why some voices get heard more than others. She will draw on the example of the K-12 education issue of racial achievement disparities to think about privilege and power in community conversations. This work draws on eight years of analysis of community dialogues, interviews with journalists, politicians, activists, and citizens, textual analysis, and deep case study of five cities—Chapel Hill, NC, Evanston, IL, Ann Arbor, MI, Cambridge, MA, and Madison, WI. A key part of this work has been Robinson’s own racial journey as a White progressive.

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Wednesday, November 14
Amy Gilman
The Chazen Museum of Art: Past, Present, and Future

Having the second largest collection of art in Wisconsin and consisting of over 180,000 square feet between two buildings, one would hardly believe that the Chazen Museum of Art’s collection actually started in a humble storage unit in the basement of Bascom Hall. The Chazen is approaching its 50th anniversary in 2020, and like many university art museums, faces the challenge of remaining relevant and sustainable to both its campus peers and community at large. As the first new director of the museum in 33 years, Dr. Amy Gilman will discuss the Chazen’s history, current state, and plans for its strategic direction over the next five years.

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Wednesday, December 12
David Drake
Urban Red Fox and Coyote Ecology in Madison

The UW Urban Canid Project has been live trapping and radio collaring red foxes and coyotes in Madison, WI, since 2014. This presentation from Dr. David Drake, Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, will describe the fascinating ecology of red foxes and coyotes in urban areas, discuss the project’s methods and some of its results, and talk about future directions for research in this area.

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