CALS implementing new Performance Management & Development Program (PMDP)

CALS is implementing the Performance Management & Development Program (PMDP) in collaboration with the OHR Talent Recruitment & Engagement Team at this time. The PMDP system is a campus software program used to streamline and track performance-related activities and conversations, as required and outlined in the campus Performance Management Policy.

Who, when, and what?

The PMDP system will be used for all reviews of (non-faculty) Academic Staff and University Staff starting immediately with all mid-point conversations (covering the review period from January 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018), which must be completed this year no later than September 30, 2018. This centralized system for tracking and documenting conversations will make the performance management process more transparent, consistent and productive.

PMDP is being introduced halfway through CALS standard yearly review cycle (January 1 – December 31) to allow a transition period prior to completion of annual summary evaluations (due: January 1- March 1). Going forward, it will be used for all of CALS structured performance activities such as:

  • Expectations and Goal-setting Conversation (within the first 30 days for new employees)
  • Mid Probation Conversation
  • Summary Probation Conversation
  • Mid-point Conversation
  • Annual Summary Evaluation

How do I access the new system?

Connect to the PMDP system at the following link: or see the instructions on how to access PMDP via MyUW. The review process in PMDP begins with the supervisor initiating a review. Once the supervisor begins a review using PMDP, the employee will receive an email that a review has been started for them. Both the employee and supervisor will need to log in to the system to complete the process. See the Mid-point Conversation Job Aid for details of the workflow and process.

What training is available?

Although PMDP is quite intuitive, both in-person and online training will be available along with training manuals for employee and manager reference.

Opportunities for you to receive classroom-style training on using the PMDP system will be scheduled in the near future. Initial training will focus on using the system to complete documentation of mid-point conversations (due July 1- September 30). Additional training will be available prior to annual summary evaluations (due January 1- March 31).

The CALS HR website will also be updated with links to job aids and other resources for PMDP. These can be found on the performance management page.

What if I have already completed mid-point conversations using the current forms?

All mid-point conversations for the review period from January 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018, must be documented in PMDP. If you have already completed a mid-point conversation via a paper form you will still need to follow the steps outlined in the Mid-point Conversation Job Aid, completing the minimum required fields and uploading the previously completed document into the system. You will NOT be required to re-enter all information from the form, only the minimum required fields are needed. However, the system is designed to carry forward goals and expectations so supervisors are strongly encouraged to make the initial time investment to include as much detail as possible because of the benefits that will be realized when completing future reviews.

What do I do for new hires needing documentation of the expectations and goal-setting conversation within the first 30 days?

These can be entered into PMDP by following the instructions in the thirty day conversation job aid, found here.

What do I do for employees needing a mid-probation or summary probation conversation?

Mid-probation conversations will follow the same process as regular mid-point conversations. A job aid specific to mid-probation conversations can be found here. Summary probation conversations can continue to be completed using the current forms, which will then be uploaded into PMDP. Additional information will be forthcoming on this process. In the meantime, if you have a summary probation conversation document that was recently completed please contact your HR Manager for guidance with uploading it into PMDP.

How does PMDP benefit employees and supervisors?

An efficient documentation process:

  1. Is designed to carry forward goals and expectations from prior reviews into new reviews cutting down on the need to re-key data.
  2. Allows for greater clarity in employee goals and expectations.
  3. Leaves more time for quality performance management conversations between employees and their managers or supervisors.

Having an electronic performance history:

  1. Is helpful for employees in achieving career goals.
  2. Allows for increased support in identifying and addressing areas in which employees would like to improve.
  3. Increases the visibility of high quality work, which can lead to increased employee recognition and other benefits.

Employees will have their performance management documentation at their fingertips, accessible from MyUW 24 hours per day. 

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact the HR Manager assigned to your unit.