VandenBosch encourages lawmakers to support ag research and extension in federal budget

Dean Kate VandenBosch recently sent a message to each member of Wisconsin’s federal congressional delegation, encouraging them to support funding for agricultural research and extension in FY18 appropriations, which cover funding for the current federal fiscal year. The recently released President’s budget covers the administration’s plans for the next fiscal year.

Below is the text of one of these messages:

As the dean of the UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, I am asking for you to support full funding for the American Public Land-Grant Universities (APLU) request related to research and extension activities funded through the USDA.

These funds are critical for us to serve important agricultural sectors in Wisconsin, including potato and vegetable growers, cranberry growers, dairy farmers and forage and grain producers. These funds support research that helps farmers battle disease and other problems that occur during a growing season. The funds also provide support to county-based Cooperative Extension staff who help spread the best practices on-campus research identifies.

The table below displays APLU’s priorities:

Account FY 2017
FY 2018
Difference FY 2018
APLU Request
McIntire-Stennis 33.961 28.867 (5.094) 40.572
1890 Extension 45.620 45.533 (0.087) 54.500
Evans-Allen 54.185 54.082 (0.103) 64.732
Hatch Act 243.701 243.238 (0.463) 291.138
Smith-Lever 300.000 299.430 (0.570) 358.396
AFRI 375.000 349.335 (25.665) 418.129

Thank you for your support of Wisconsin agriculture and the research that helps to support it.

Sincerely, Kate VandenBosch