Red and white banners featuring the iconic W and the phrase All Ways Forward adorn the exterior of Bascom Hall on a fall day at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Oct. 15, 2015. The banners are part of a new comprehensive fundraising campaign. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

As co-chairs of the college’s Equity and Diversity Committee, we want all members of our community to know about a resource recently launched within our campus to help us collectively maintain a positive climate where all members of our campus community can learn and work.

The Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources released a website that provides governance policies and tools to help address potential instances of hostility or intimidation, when they happen. The site also includes contact information for liaisons who can direct you to more information and resources.

It is the responsibility of us all to contribute to a positive workplace environment where we can feel respected and safe.


Natalia de Leon, professor, Department of Agronomy
Tom Browne, assistant dean and director of Transitional Advising Services, Office of Academic Affairs
CALS Equity and Diversity Committee co-chairs

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