Wisconsin’s entrepreneur culture is starting to take off, and many of those new businesses are generated from UW–Madison. A new Wisconsin Public Television show, Start Up Wisconsin, explores how new businesses are helping the state’s economy diversify and grow.

“We have too many communities in Wisconsin that are heavily dependent on one or two employers. … If we can diversify our economic base by having more entrepreneurs, more small businesses, they create a more robust local economy,” says Steve Deller, a professor of agricultural and applied economics who was interviewed for the program.

Listen to UW–Madison biochemistry researcher Katie Brenner (10:30 mark) explain what led her to start her business, BluDiagnostics, which offers a saliva-based home fertility test for women. Another UW–Madison business spinoff, FluGen, is creating a better flu vaccine.

While the program highlights two UW-Madison-based spinoffs, Deller points out all kinds of people can be successful in business. “It is important to understand that successful entrepreneurs do not need to be an engineer or scientist or have a college degree in business,” he says.

To watch the Start Up Wisconsin episode, visit the Wisconsin Public Television website.