Ag Hall exhibition features works from Wisconsin artists

For the ninth year in a row, Ag Hall is hosting a selection of art from the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP). The program, founded in CALS in 1940, helps Wisconsin’s nonprofessional artists develop their creative abilities. John Steuart Curry, an American Regionalist artist who served as artist-in-residence at CALS from 1936-46, served as the program’s first mentor during his time at CALS. Read more about the program here.

This year’s Ag Hall foyer exhibition features:

  • “Masked Booby” by Jimmy Yanny
  • “A New Life” by Amber Pipkorn
  • “Arbor Light” by Dan Sivek
  • “Ancient Black Bird of Wisdom” by Elizabeth Clayton
  • “Bryggen, Norway” by John Bittner
  • “Fuzz” by Colette Girard
  • “On the Way to Madison” by Rachel Pavlic
  • “Torso and Pelvis, Side View” by Lia Scherwinski
  • “Elemental Forms, Arches National Park” by Jill Jensen

Facing south, artists and work are listed in order from left to right.

Three other WRAP pieces are hanging elsewhere in Ag Hall. “Lillies” by Alice Blue is located in the Dean’s office, “Pink Passion” by Audrey Wilde is the Academic Affairs office, while “Oasis” by Gail McCoy can be found in the External Relations office.

Can’t make it to Ag Hall? Photos of the art can be found on the CALS Flickr page here.