Driver Authorization Changes – Complete a New Electronic Vehicle Use Agreement Form

Changes have recently been made to the UW-Madison Driver Authorization system:

  • Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS) is the new system from WI Department of Administration (DOA) that will be utilized to manage UW-Madison driver authorizations (along with other fleet functions).  It is replacing FleetAnywhere. EFMS went live October 6, 2017 for accepting drivers. Electronic Vehicle Use Agreements (EVUA) will now be submitted and stored electronically for all individuals with a UW-Madison NetID. Paper forms will no longer be accepted for prospective drivers that have a NetID.  (however see below for volunteer and pre-employment steps).
  • Impacts all Drivers on University Business. All individuals (both existing drivers and new prospective drivers) who seek to drive for any university business must complete a new EVUA in the Enterprise Fleet Management System. This includes driving personal vehicles for business purposes, UW/DOA Fleet vehicles, campus vehicles, or any rental vehicle from an external providers (e.g. Enterprise, National, etc.) for business purposes.
  • Complete the new EVUA. All drivers (both existing drivers and new prospective drivers) must complete a new EVUA through the following Enterprise Fleet Management System portal – Enterprise Fleet Management System ( Follow instructions provided at that website and also see the Portal User Guide for assistance in completing the vehicle use agreement process. Note – have the following items prepared for this process:
    • Your Net ID and Password
    • Your Driver’s license number
    • Your supervisor’s/direct reports name and email address. Without a valid supervisor name and email, your EVUA will be denied.
    • The UDDS code for your department (e.g. UA000000, or UA for MSN campus + two digit Division code + two digit Dept code + two digit sub unit code).  Ask your supervisor (or their supervisor) for appropriate UDDS code. Note –
      • Entry of the UDDS code requires that you first select “UW MADISON” from the UW CAMPUS pick list.  Then, click into the UW UDDS Code text box and type the letters UA followed by the first few digits of your UDDS.  The pick list will both pop open and begin to narrow down choices as you type in your UDDS until you are able to click on the correct choice.  Contact Risk Management with any UDDS problems.
      • Without a valid UDDS code your VUA will be denied.
      • Note – the UDDS selected in the EVUA process will not determine billing funding for fleet reservations or other billing matters. This particular section uses UDDS to track employee location, run reports, and help with certain authorizations.
  • Out-of-state license holders will need to upload a PDF copy of their driving abstract/driving record and a legible copy of their license (front only) via the portal (there are two upload buttons for this purpose in the Out of State section). Driving records may be obtain from the applicable Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the respective State. We only require the non-certified copy. Note – go directly to your State DMV as cost for commercial driver records provides tend to be higher. The former notary process with no longer be in place for out-of-state individuals. Any questions on transitioning from out-of-state to permanent WI license please contact Debbie Beich at (608) 262-8926.
  • Volunteers who do not have a NET ID will need to continue to submit a paper VUA. See UW-Madison  for the volunteer form and instructions.
  • Pre-employment checks – continue to use Pre-Hire Driving Record Check form. Contact Risk Management with questions.
  • No changes on Travel Policy  – There are no changes to UW-Madison Travel Policies due to this Driver Authorization system change. Individuals must be authorized in the new Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS)in order to drive any UW-Madison vehicle, reserve fleet vehicles, reimbursed for personal vehicle business use and to rent a vehicle from external providers (e.g. Enterprise, National, etc.).  In addition, State of Wisconsin driver auto liability coverage while driving in course and scope of employment or agency is contingent on one completing and satisfying all Driver Authorization requirements by the below stated deadlines.
  • Searching for Approved Drivers.
    • Expense Reimbursement Division Coordinators – To confirm approved drivers in the new EFMS you will search on the Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS) portal under Reports in the top menu, select Driver Summary and begin appropriate search. Also, follow instructions for the Driver Summary Report (page 7 of the Portal User Guide).  The outgoing FleetAnywhere will be available until December 15, 2017. However, both databases are currently being utilized which may require searching both to find the applicable driver during the next two months. After December 15, 2017 use Enterprise Fleet Management System exclusively. Contact your department about expensing this employment cost.
    • All others with an account in EFMS may follow the above process to search for their own or other’s approval status.
    • Confirmation Emails To Supervisors  – We are working with DOA confirmation emails being sent to Supervisors upon their employee’s application and approval. Also, if a department would like to become an Approver of their students drivers that can be arranged by the department assigning personnel to manage the process (this is not required, but is an option for departments). Contact Risk Management with questions.
    • Key deadlines:
      • All new prospective drivers seeking to gain driver approval must now use the new Enterprise Fleet Management System beginning October 9, 2017.
      • All drivers seeking to reserve a UW-Madison Fleet Vehicle must have their new EVUA completed by October 27, 2017 in order to reserve a vehicle from fleet.
      • All other drivers must have their EVUA completed as soon as possible, but no later than December 15, 2017 (date our old FleetAnywhere system is deactivated) in order to be reimbursed for personal vehicle business use, allowed to rent vehicles from external providers and to be covered by the State of Wisconsin auto liability coverage.

For more information:

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Beich at (608) 262-8926 or myself at 608-262-8925.