“Our Wisconsin: The Climate Change Effect,” a documentary that aired Sept. 14 on WKOW, is now available to view online.

In this installment of the award-winning documentary series, “Our Wisconsin,” WKOW examines the environmental, social and political impacts of climate change on the state. Impacts on weather, water and wildlife have been, and continue to be, documented by scientists. Storms are hitting with more frequency and intensity, causing more damage, flooding and pollution run-off into our rivers, lakes and streams.

Seven members of the CALS community were interviewed for the documentary:

  • Tim Donohue, Bacteriology
  • Chris Kucharik, Agronomy
  • Jon Pauli, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Adena Rissman, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Ron Seely, Life Sciences Communication
  • Amy Shipley, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  • Ben Zuckerberg, Forest & Wildlife Ecology