Nathan Chesmore, Ph.D. student in Shanmuganayagam lab, awarded Morgridge Biotechnology Fellowship

Nathan Chesmore

Nathan Chesmore, a Ph.D. student in Dhanu Shanmuganayagam’s laboratory, has been awarded the Morgridge Biotechnology Fellowship to work on a novel anti-microbial and anti-biofilm strategy. The fellowship is awarded to students who have been identified for their exceptional potential in advancing research in the biotechnology field. Nathan will have the opportunity to meet with John and Tasha Morgridge over dinner and discuss his research and its potential impact. He is expected to make significant advances over the year and at the end, write a letter to the Morgridges detailing what he has accomplished and how these accomplishments have begun to make an impact. In stride with the educational mission, Nathan is also expected to show notable leadership in mentoring other up-and-coming students. This is the second Morgridge Fellowship awarded to the lab.