Upgrades to mental health services for students at UHS

University Health Services is excited to share new updates in Mental Health Services that will better meet student needs.

New Access Model

Starting Monday, August 28, Mental Health Services (MHS) launches an improved phone-based model for students to access counseling services, replacing the drop-in access system.

To initially connect to MHS services, students will now schedule an Access Consultation phone screening. Scheduling can be done by calling the MHS reception desk at 608.265.5600 (option 2) or logging into MyUHS for 24-hour web appointment booking.

This access model accommodates increasing demand, better meets the scheduling needs of students, and helps to decrease wait times for initial and follow up appointments.

UHS will also expand the number of single session appointments students can access. These are a one-time appointment for problem solving, support, processing interpersonal challenges, or gaining skills to better manage their concerns on their own. If a student needs additional support later, they can call UHS to get help that meets their needs at that time.

SilverCloud e-health

An e-Health initiative—via a product called SilverCloud—will deploy in the fall to enhance services and increase access for students. SilverCloud is a self-guided, web-based interactive mental health resource for mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, and body image concerns. Its evidence-based learning modules address anxiety, stress, and depression among other issues that college students face.

SilverCloud provides students with accessible treatment options 24 hours a day, and does not require a referral from a provider. SilverCloud is not designed to replace in-person mental health treatment but may an option for many students.

In collaboration with the Employee Assistance Office, a non-student version of SilverCloud will be available to faculty and staff.

Specific questions about the new access model and SilverCloud can be directed to Mental Health co-directors Angela Janis and Andrea Lawson. For more information on other mental health services available to students, visit