Agricultural Hall

If you haven’t visited since last week, you’re in for a nice surprise. CALS launched a major redesign of the CALS homepage over the weekend.

The new site, designed and developed by CALS web developer Al Nemec, features a new look and feel, incorporating specific new styles and elements found in the new UW-Madison online aesthetic. Visitors will notice updated content and a more streamlined structure across the site, particularly in the Academics section. The major content improvements to the Academics section were led and executed by Caroline Schneider in the Office of External Relations, along with Lauren Foley and Sue Ryan in the Office of Academic Affairs.

The site also features many “behind the scenes” upgrades to make it much faster than the previous homepage, notes Nemec. It features performance improvements in every area and will be hosted on the college’s new cloud hosting infrastructure designed from the ground up for stability and speed. It utilizes responsive design, so it looks sharp across all computers, tablets and phones.

“Everything has been re-written from the ground up to improve the user experience, accessibility, performance and extensibility,” says Nemec.

Other CALS units will be able to benefit from the work that went into the website. The template is available for other units to use for their sites and enables unit-level web managers have more options to adjust the formatting and style of the content on their pages.

“Whether you are just getting started with building a site or are looking for something with more flexibility, this new theme has a lot to offer,” says Nemec.

Websites are never done, and the plan is to make improvements and adjustments to the CALS homepage on an ongoing basis to help keep it fresh and enhance functionality.

For questions or comments on the new site, please contact Al Nemec at or 262-1365.