Five finalists in Governor’s Business Plan Contest have UW-Madison ties


Five of the 13 finalists in the 2017 Governor’s Business Plan Contest (BPC) had roots at UW-Madison, including one with a tie to CALS.

According to the BPC website, the mission of the BPC is to encourage entrepreneurs in the startup stage of tech-based businesses in Wisconsin. The contest links up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a statewide network of community resources, expert advice, high-quality education, management talent and possible sources of capital.

Christian Krueger, a scientist in the Department of Animal Science, is a co-founder of Synesis LLC of Wisconsin Rapids. The company is developing a plant derivative that boosts immune protection from pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. These symptoms, including bloating, cramping and gastrointestinal infection, can range from painful to life-threatening. In mouse experiments, the patented compound has improved key markers for immune response, suggesting that it could help people on enteral feeding.

“We believe about 450,000 people in the United States rely on tube feeding and live at home,” Krueger said.

To learn more about Krueger’s involvement and the other UW-Madison entrants, visit the UW-Madison News website.