John Shutske, professor of Biological Systems Engineering, recently traveled to his alma mater Purdue University, where he served as a judge of a poster presentation and received an award given to outstanding alumni.

Shutske was a judge in the senior design capstone “poster” presentation. In addition, he was one of six recipients of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) Outstanding Alumni Award. The award honors alumni “who have made outstanding contributions to the department, the university, and to the profession.”

According to the awards program, Shutske was recognized as the Outstanding Graduate Instructor in 1985 after earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Purdue. After completing his PhD, he served as the Agricultural Safety Program and Community Education Coordinator for Country Companies Insurance and Investment Group. He joined the University of Minnesota before moving to UW-Madison in 2008, where he was the Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach and Program Director from 2008 until 2016. In 2016, he returned to the BSE department.