Spring 2017 issue of Grow features science farm, milk marvels and more

The spring issue of Grow magazine will soon arrive in your mailboxes–and it’s also available online. Check it out for exciting features including:

* The Science Farm–A decades-long field project offers key insights into different approaches to agriculture.

* Lactation Sensation–Dairy scientist Laura Hernandez marvels at milk. And she’s exploring how to improve the processes that create it, for the benefit of both cows and humans.

* Students on the Cutting Edge–In labs and in the fields, in private companies and in public agencies, research and internship opportunities abound for CALS students. Their experiences lead to personal and professional growth–and give them an advantage when it comes to employment.

* Sloths! Five things you should know about them, according to wildlife ecology professors Jonathan Pauli and Zach Peery.

And, as always, if you ace our Final Exam, you might win a box of cheese from Babcock Hall.