Canvas updates

The UW-Madison campus is well on its way in transitioning to Canvas with over 1,000 courses using it this semester.

Training and support is now all in place and CALS has been slated for targeted support this semester (Spring ’17).

As part of that, all CALS D2L and Moodle courses from the past three academic semesters have been migrated over to Canvas. They have been migrated to TRANSITIONAL SPACE meaning that they will not affect your present course.

In the near future, instructor names will be attached to those courses which will give you access. They will then show up in your Learn@UW dashboard as MIGRATED COURSES.

Once again, this will not affect what you are using now or even what you use next semester.

The migrated courses will have to be copied into your official course shells if you want to use them in your course.

DoIt Canvas trainers are highly available right now to assist CALS instructors one-on-one or in groups or give training talks.

Only limited support from DoIt will be available after this semester because they will be targeting other colleges.

UW plans to drop Desire2Learn and Moodle the summer of 2018.

Please contact Tom Tabone ( if you like to schedule any assistance.

Open Canvas training events can also be found at