Excellence in Multistate Research-Call for Nominations

ESCOP is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017 Experiment Station Section Award for Excellence in Multistate Research.  This is the ninth year of the award program and, as in past years, the intent of this award is to publicly recognize the high quality science being conducted through the Hatch Multistate Research Program and the impacts of that science on society.  In addition, it is intended to increase the visibility of the program within the higher education community with a formal presentation at the annual APLU meeting and notification of decision makers in Washington through news releases announcing the award winners.

Nominations for the 2017 award will be made through the five regional SAES associations (NCRA, NERA, SAAESD, WAAESD, and ARD).  Any approved multistate project is eligible for the award.  Each association will submit one nomination to be considered for the national award.  The regional nominations will be reviewed by the ESCOP Science and Technology Committee.  This Committee will make a recommendation for the national winner to the ESCOP Executive Committee who will make the final selection.

The winning project will receive $15,000 from the Hatch Multistate Research Funds.

I encourage you to consider the multistate projects with which you are familiar and to nominate one that you feel deserves recognition and that will serve as an excellent example of the quality of research performed by the Land Grant system.

Attached is a description of the award program and want to bring to your attention the February 28, 2017 deadline for submission of nominations to the offices of your regional executive directors.