Slots open in UW Tropical Horticulture in Costa Rica study abroad program

A number of open slots remain in the CALS study abroad program titled “UW Tropical Horticulture in Costa Rica,” which will take place this coming winter intersession. Taught by horticulture’s Claudia Irene Calderon, students will learn about the ecology and production systems of tropical crops on site visits and through discussions with local communities, farmers, and NGO’s.

The program is approved as a Global Health Certificate field experience and students will earn two credits of Horticulture 378 while in Costa Rica.

If students want to apply to the study abroad program, they must take Horticulture 376, open to juniors and seniors, during the Fall semester (Mondays 2:30 – 3:45pm).

More information on the program is available by contacting CALS Study Abroad at or by visiting