Last Thursday, Hancock Agricultural Research Station held a very successful centennial celebration and field day event. Below are some photos from the day-long event, taken by CALS photographer Sevie Kenyon.

Hancock station's Sue Reinert greeted attendees as they arrived at the station.
Hancock station’s Sue Reinert welcomed visitors as they arrived at the station. The event was well attended, and the weather cooperated for the most part. Despite being overcast all day, it only rained for 45 minutes or so around lunchtime.
During the morning session, speakers – including former Hancock superintendent Chuck Kostichka (pictured here) – gave a nice overview of the station’s history and accomplishments. Other morning speakers included Dean Kate; Stewart Higgins of the Midwest Food Processor Association; Tamas Houlihan of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association; Felix Navarro; Jeff Wyman; Keith Kelling; Larry Binning; and Russel Groves.
Justin Isherwood, a fifth-generation farmer with Isherwood Farm, authored the station’s centennial book, titled “2016 Hancock Agricultural Research Station: Celebrating 100 years of the Wisconsin Idea.”
During the morning session, state senator Julie Lassa (far right) presented an official citation in honor of the station’s 100 years of service. Felix Navarro, Dwight Mueller and Dean Kate accepted the honor.
Under a gloomy sky, field day participants piled onto the station’s tractor-pulled bleachers for a tour of the station. Field day talks covered research projects on storage; nutrient management; cucumber, snap bean and potato breeding; and disease and insect management.
The potato breeding stop on the field day tour. 
Ahead of dinner, Dean Kate, Wisconsin’s Secretary of Agriculture Ben Brancel and others addressed the crowd. Stewart Higgins of the Midwest Food Processor Association and Tamas Houlihan of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association expressed their organizations’ ongoing commitment to support station research into the future. (This photo by Nicole Miller/UW-Madison CALS. All others by Sevie Kenyon/UW-Madison CALS.)
Meals, provided by the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association, were eaten picnic style on boxes and picnic tables behind the station’s headquarters building. Lunch featured burgers and brats. Dinner was delicious BBQ ribs and chicken.

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