Allen Garden hosts Boys and Girls Club kids

Boys-and-Girls-Club-2In a recent blog post, Allen Centennial Garden’s education coordinator Elin Meliska shared the fun news that the Garden is now partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, hosting activities for kids twice a week. Here’s the blog post and some photos, re-printed here with the permission of the Garden and the Boys and Girls Club:

You will see some new bright and shining faces if you stop by the Garden on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The Allen Centennial Garden has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to host activities for future gardeners this summer. Twice a week the Garden hosts groups of children ages 6-12. While in the Garden the children get to pick and eat produce from our edible garden, make healthy smoothies using local ingredients from Eagle Heights and Super Charged Smoothies, and create tile masterpieces that will be glazed and fired by Wheel House Studios and placed throughout the Garden.

Photo posted with permission from Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. Please do not use without permission.

It been has a great experience seeing the kids try something new that they like (who knew Borage flowers tasted delicious but fuzzy) or discover more about the food they regularly eat (opening pea pods to retrieve the peas is a hit). The kids particularly enjoy picking and eating the cherries and gooseberries off the trees and bushes located in the Garden. They think it tastes like candy, and I can’t help but agree that nature’s candy is the best of all.