Summer 2016 Grow features “Seed to Kitchen” project, giant mice and D2P initiative

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.26.06 PMThe summer issue of Grow magazine is available online. Check it out for exciting features including:

  • Breeding for FlavorIn a new collaboration called “Seed to Kitchen,” CALS plant breeders are partnering with local chefs and farmers to develop tastier fruits and vegetables that thrive in organic growing systems.
  • The Island of Giant Mice—A remote Atlantic island is home to the biggest mice on Earth. Genetics professor Bret Payseur and his team are coming closer to figuring out why.
  • To Market, to Market—A new program called Discovery to Product is helping UW researchers become entrepreneurs.

And, as always, if you ace our Final Exam, you might win a Babcock Hall cheese box.

You can try reading the magazine using ISSUU for a “page-turning” online reading experience.

If you want a print edition of the magazine, you can download a pdf from our website or drop by room 136 in Ag Hall and pick one up.